Ban the FML. For good.

I am concerned about the increase in the use of the quip “FML” or, “Fuck My Life”. Often uttered by well-educated Gen-Ys about the current state of their life, FML is a disgraceful example of how self-loathing can become somewhat popular.

Over at the lovely blog of Gala Darling, Radical Self Love month is just about to begin. I see no better time than to banish the use of FML.

It’s such an aggressive criticism of not only oneself, but also of the forces that helped deliver you to where you are today. A relationship might fail, a job may fall through but it’s all experience; it’s all happening to build you up for future challenges & to help you really appreciate the amazingness of big success. The job that comes together, the boy that stays when times are tough – would you appreciate them if you knew nothing other than success at all things?

You need the clouds to appreciate the sunshine. You don’t need to berate life for throwing you an appreciation test. Take what you can from every experience, keep your head held high & take pleasure in the little wins of everyday. Morning coffee, scoring the last blueberry & white choc muffin at your favourite cafe, getting your liquid eyeliner perfect, scoring an amazing bargain… It’s all there. Keep your eyes open to the beauty & there’ll be no need for letting an FML into your vocabulary.

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