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Donna, The Bountiful Hunter | 25 questions | lizniland.com

A former colleague of mine and now a foodie friend, Donna shares her favourite recipes and adventures in deliciousness at The Bountiful Hunter. She’s also a Twitter fiend, especially during Masterchef. You can follow her musings via @DonnaClucas.

1. What should we call you?

Donna, Warrior Foodie and Princess of Bedsocks

2. Who do you share your abode with?

My hubby of 25 years who is affectionately known by all as Tonester the Food Techy; the 18 year old carbohydrate and protein eating son Liam; two Jack Russell puppies named Jackie and Holly (it should be noted that Holly suffers with memory loss so won’t remember where you threw the tennis ball); and Jim, my old mum’s cockatiel, who we inherited when she went into care. Jim is approximately 36 years old and refuses to literally drop off the perch!

3. What do you do to pay the bills?

I’m a nurse working in Aboriginal Chronic Disease and loving it!

4. What do you wish you did to pay the bills?

I always wanted to be a sought after back up singer because I’m absolutely sensational and have a vocal range to match Renee Geyer (at least that’s what I think I sound like in both the car and shower). I have a rather curvaceous figure and would look good in a little tight-fitting black dress with heels belting out a bluesy number! Failing a singing career, I would love to be a dairy farmer producing boutique milk and cream products and suppling expensive cheeses to super chefs like Josh Niland ๐Ÿ˜‰

Singing dairy farmer | 25 questions | lizniland.com

5. Could you ever be (or are you) vegan?

Nah! I love food and cutting out half of the food supply would be like cutting off my right arm. Bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon! In saying that though, I try to buy ethically raised animal products and visit local farmers’ markets.

6. Favourite TV show at the moment:

Game of Thrones, Masterchef for the tweets and anything foodie related. Though Heston doesn’t rock my boat; he’s just a bit too over exposed at the moment!

7. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:

I’m loving Twitter at the moment, leaning more and more towards Insta, and leaning away from Facebook.

8. Your superpower of choice?

I’d love to know what people are REALLY thinking. I could really mess with people then!

9. Coolest thing you own:

My lidded enamel roasting pans from Peters of Kensington – they bake the most amazing sourdough loaves – and my Christmas holly glasses. I bought them in London circa 1988 and they come out every Christmas for the staff office party.

Donna's Sourdough | 25 questions | lizniland.com

10. Your favourite meal to cook:

The simple meals that family and friends like to eat. Apparently my roast chook and crunchy potatoes are worth sacrificing your first born for.

11. Your favourite meal to eat:

Such a difficult question. I love most foods, particularly the Asian cultures with their fresh herbs and spices. But really, if I get offered a sausage on a bread roll that has been made with love, I’ll be very happy indeed (sorry, too much Masterchef watching). Desserts are a different story: creme caramel, pannacotta and lemon tart, in that order of preference.

12. Least favourite food:

Anything that has had an animal body fluid pass through it! Offal, yuk schmuck! And okra… I just don’t get that at all.

13. Cheese plate or epic dessert:

See above, but I would like the cheese plate as well to dwell on!

14. Your beverage order:

Apple and pear ciders. I was drinking them before they were trendy. Love a good glass of bubbles too, and I don’t mind a sticky at the end of the meal with the desserts and cheese above.

Cool ciders | 25 questions | lizniland.com

15. Person you’d most like to have said beverage with right now:

It’s a toss up between Tonester and Colin Firth. I think Colin would buy me a decent glass of bubbles where as Tone would get the cider on tap.

16. Last book you read:

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. Lovely

17. Last movie you saw:

I can’t remember but Boyhood left a lasting impression on me.

18. Who would play you in a movie:

Susan Sarandon – it’s the curves, you know…

19. Your most favourite trip:

Love the trip up to the North Coast on our way to Scotts Head. As soon as we come up over the bridge at Taree and see the Manning River and those fabulous mountains, I know I’ve come home and feel immediately at ease. Also love any trip around New Zealand. Give me a big river and big mountains and I’m happy.

20. Silver or gold:

Depends what I’m wearing. I have jewellery in both.

21. Your favourite item of clothing:

Bedsocks and trackies in winter; sarong in summer. They all reek of comfort and relaxation.

Bush walk & bike ride| 25 questions | lizniland.com

23. Can you touch your toes?:

Yes I can, as a matter of fact!

24. Something youโ€™re grateful for today:

My health. As I get older, I understand how we need our health to get to the best parts of our lives.

25. Best song to dance to:

Groove Armada’s ‘I see you baby’

Great party tune Donna & I don’t think many would turn down a glass of champers with Mr Darcy!

Thanks for answering my 25 questions ๐Ÿ™‚

x Liz

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