Absolutely Beautiful Things

Not surprisingly, a blog I came across named Absolutely Beautiful Things has some, um, absolutely beautiful things featured in it. An interior design blog, it features plenty of rad bits that I am wishing for in the house I’ll be moving into in Feb.

I especially adore this chair – 6 around a dinner table would provide the most delicious seating for a deluxe afternoon tea…

Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog - Floral Chair

absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com - Floral Chair

The table will be set with colourful mismatched cups and saucers and topped with colourful roses sprouting from old milk jugs and teapots…


Roses by moi

I’m dreaming of white-washed walls and pop-tacular colour punches teamed with unexpected prints… A base like the one in these pics would be perfect.

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