Best of the web: April 26

Anzac day sunset |

It has been one hectic week! And yep, I broke my 100 day consecutive posting effort 🙁 But, not to worry, I’m jumping straight back in with a handful of goodness from around the web this week.

Well, bedtime is here: I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to a calmer week for all.

x Liz

Photo note: Image of Anzac Day’s sunset, snapped on my trusty iPhone.

3 Thoughts on “Best of the web: April 26

  1. Well done Liz! I know exactly what you mean about perfectionist writing (though I always end up with a typo!). Its so good just to write…..very cathartic. Dx

  2. YAY! We love these muffins! What a beautiful pic! xox

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