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A favourite blog of mine for all things fashion & beauty related, Refinery29 always has something to read that’ll be worth your clicks.

The best of the worst: Ugly Fashion Trends digs into those trends that make you want to gag now but that you know, come next November, you’ll have 27 tagged photos of yourself loving life in head-to-toe said trendwear. It’s going to take a lot for me to embrace flat platform sandals though. *shudder*

Casual Friday sorted: How to Wear Jeans to Work is, um, about how to wear jeans to work. Nuff said really!

The eyes have it: Eyeliner Tips for 3 Standout Looks is making me want to rim my eyes in sunshine yellow & fearlessly take on the day. While it might freak out the checkout chick at the local Woolworths slightly, I’m so keen to do wild colourful eyes for my next party night.

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