Danielle LaPorte – “When it’s time to stop healing and bust outta purgatory”

Danielle LaPorte is one wise woman. This is her take on the purgatory we let ourselves get into – and why we should throw off the bandages and step out into the sunlight:

And so we keep waiting for the fog to lift, naturally. We await the will of heaven. We wait for the meds to kick in. We wait, because, you know, “time heals all things.” (Time, by the way, is not the actual healer. Consciousness is.) And we keep waiting to be healed.

Waiting to be healed can be a tragic form of compromise. When we’re so close to vitality and freedom, we can be lulled by the self-comfort that has served it’s purposed, by the luxury of respites, by the mercy of slow death. Like I said, “in-between” can be risky business. No Buddhist wants to get stuck in the Bardo — they want to come back to life.

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