Gratitude list 14/11/2010

Happy Sunday night! Wishing the weekend could run longer but according to the weatherman (& the mad humidity!) it’s supposed to storm tomorrow so at least being in an office won’t feel so bad.

Here’s my list of sunshine, strawberries & sandy swimmers!

 Swimming in the ocean this afternoon – the water was a bit fresh but it was just the best way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

 Garage sales & old people’s horded crap – some mates of mine cleaned out their dementia-afflicted grandma’s house with a huge garage sale this weekend & a scored some cute glassware & that sweet vintage hat. Other garage sale mention goes to the two cookbooks that my own lovely granny & aunty hooked me up with – one is an Italian one with plenty of old school homely feasts & the other is a really interesting gluten-free number. One person’s trash….!

 Passionate & happy kiddies – Big BLESS goes to the Junior Masterchef finalists. Those sisters are the loveliest, Siena is way too damn polite & friendly & sweet, & that Jack kid is wild & just fabulous. They are awesome & an inspiration to young & old with their superb sportsmanship.

 Pineapple. Enough said really! (can’t wait til peaches & nectarines get cheaper than $12/kg!!)

 Kickin absolute bank butt with paying off my credit card. Christmas might give it a shake but so far so good!

Here’s to a top-notch week filled with joy, laughter, smile-worthy surprises & oozy lovely goodness!

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