Gratitude list 19/12/2010

Sunday love to:

<3 Rain outside at night
<3 Coming home to a tidy house – preparation is key to so many things!
<3 Seeing plenty of friends
<3 Favourite Chinese restaurant meal of lemon chicken, garlic broccoli, rice & DUMPLINGS!!
<3 Getting clarity – it cuts a little but it's so much better knowing truths as they exist rather than finding out too late..
<3 My Nina – best friends since kindy & still going strong, 18 years later xoxo
<3 Cute Christmas presents that are so ME! (A white scarf emblazoned with skulls, a mint green teapot.)
<3 A quiet house for a sleep in tomorrow
<3 Meeting a 109 year old that is just about as spritely as my super spritely 75 year old Granny! A.May.Zing!
<3 A totally fantastic bargain on a Christmas present for my father
<3 The head massage the hairdresser gives when she's washing out your colour – bliss.
<3 Freshly coloured hair
<3 Crazy Christmas week is here!! And then holidays begin!! Yayy!!

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