Gratitude list 21/11/2010

My love letter to the universe:

 Swimming at the beach in the late afternoon wearing my brand new super-feminine bikini has got to be the best way to end the week & centre yourself for the days to come.

 My parents, particularly my mother, for being on my side in challenging times.

 My friends for having play dates with me – seeing Harry Potter 7.1, going shopping, brunching…

 Finding some super cool new clothes that work back with a bunch of other items already in the closet.

 Really really realising that better things are coming, that the universe is on your side & that everything will work itself out in time.

 Buying my first Christmas present of the season… Preparation!

 This website: I desperately want a puppy dawg but my current life & abode isn’t suitable. Here’s hoping I can rescue a little fella someday soon.

 Tangerine & glitter nail polish. Nuff said!

 While I am responsible for my own happiness, it was fantastic to get some random compliments on my jazzy new printed silk pants today. My housemate & I think we should try & get a store to sponsor us – we have a spare room that could function as a communal closet – so we could rock their clothes in our respectively awesome ways. Forever New & Sportsgirl, we’re looking at you!

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