Gratitude list – 31/10/2010

Here & now I’m starting a tradition for myself: a Sunday night gratitude list of things that are making me happy to be alive, cartwheeling on the inside & smiling at strangers.

The idea is nothing new, but we can surely all do with the super karma vibes that come from digging what you’ve got.

Here’s my love-filled list:

• Squashing lots of much-needed catch-ups with friends into a sunny weekend

• Realising that sisters do indeed come before misters (bros before hoes but appropriated for the ladies!)

• Getting some sun (ok, a little too much sun… Eek!) at the beach – Summer is fast approaching!

• Reading up on food & nutrition & planning a less-glutenous diet. I don’t really have any food allergy issues but I’m keen to see. I’m not ready to give up my muesli yet though!

• 70s TV shows – Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, Green Acres & Gilligan’s Island all leave me in hysterics… I now understand Dad’s constant “back in my day” whines about modern sitcoms.

• Making some time for EFT, visualisation & meditation & planning to do some sort of similar focused mental activity daily

• Hiding my credit card from myself & knowing I’ll survive – even though I really only use it for the essentials (and the occasional fashion emergency) the time has come to just pay it off.

• Finally being able to acknowledge that, although it still hurts a bit, everything happens for the best, the universe is on your side, and bigger & better things are well on their way.

• Doing my Italian homework – it’s tough but I’m getting there. Vogue Italia, look out!

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