Gratitude list 5/12/2010

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night again already! A busy busy week makes for lots of tired yawns but also lots of super accomplishments… And hopefully this week will be filled with fun, laughter, early Christmas cheer, good friends, and maybe another win at netball tomorrow night 😉

Shout-outs this week go to:

 Mia madre for cleaning my car, inside & out, AND doing a spot of panel-beating to iron out a mark some poor soul left on my little green machine.

 Brunch followed by scones & shopping centre people watching with the besties. The brunch was at a top local cafe (Stillwater on Belmore) that I’ll definitely be hitting again!

 The fact that my Christmas shopping is 75% DONE! I’ve even wrapped the completed ones – very pleased with my organisational skills 🙂

 My beautiful Christmas tree – a few new decorations & some great lights have updated it for the season

 Getting back in the swimming pool & helping parents with skills & strategies to get their kids swimming & behaving strongly & confidently around water. Brings me so much joy & I’m insanely passionate about it all.

 Eating amazingly tasty food & having some wines while listening to friends recount hilarious stories

 Knowing that all you need is love… And knowing that love has to first flourish within me, myself & I. I’m embarking on a challenge to put love out wherever I possibly can. Love breeds love breeds love.

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