Gratitude list – 7/11/2010

Stop Whining, Start Winning

Stop Whining, Start Winning

Due to walking 40km this weekend for cancer research, my gratitude list is late… No surprises with what number 1 will be on my list!

  • My legs: for carrying me through a massive 20 hour walk… With minimal sleep (3 hours) and very few breaks (a few band-aid breaks were required to cover the blisters!) our team have so far raised $2000 (with $600 to my name!) towards the regional total of $125,000. Given my brother’s (successful) battle with cancer, I’m so proud of what we achieved: it was amazing to be part of both our contribution to furthering research into this dreadful disease & our physical commitment.
  • Accrued leave days – nothing like a random day off from the office that must be taken. Especially when it falls on a sunny day.
  • Fresh jazzy workout gear – as materialistic as it sounds, I always seem to be more amped for a workout if I know I’ve got some fun threads to wear while doing it!
  • This picture of sea otters… BLESS.
  • Being a bit gluten free during the work-week and digging it. I cheated a little with a cupcake for a 100 year old’s birthday but hey, who’s going to say no to a 100 year old!
  • Buying a copy of Vogue Italy and taking 30 mins to read an article. I figure, if my dream is to live & work there & i’m starting to tackle that by learning the language, I may as well use some study time applying my skills practically!

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