Off the wagon, on the rollercoaster

This has been an epic week of everything. I started it off in a slight mess over an ill-fitting bridesmaid dress (why don’t clothing designers give a girl enough room in the bust?) & as I write this, I’m patting an old blind poodle to sleep (he wouldn’t eat his dinner & instead sat in the doorway in the hope his family would return & replace this unfamiliar house-sitter).

Things I’ve learnt this week:

– Never assume anything- especially in business. As my boss at my first job always would say- To assume makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

– Sleep is vital & I finally can tell when that’s exactly what I need. I know I don’t just need a pick-me-up sugar/caffeine hit – I need proper rest. I had to move house and am now located 30 minutes drive from work instead of 4 minutes away. So now not only am I getting up earlier, I’m also getting home later, having dinner later & subsequently getting to bed later. My energy has been low for gym sessions & when I do eventually hit the hay, I can’t even keep my eyes open long enough to read a magazine, let alone write a blog post. Although I’m poodle/house-sitting until next weekend, I really want to & need to make the effort to get more sleep.

– My body is strong & powerful (even more so when it isn’t sleep-deprived!) & it’s finally starting to look that way. I guess this kind of connected to that last point but I’m really starting to feel like I’m getting on top of understanding the way my body works & what it needs. It’s an obvious point but eating properly (& for me that’s mostly gluten-free with minimal sugar & plentyyy of veggies) just makes me feel so much more able to tackle life.

– Don’t leave the holder for a GPS in your car- even if the unit & charger are safely tucked away inside your house. Why? As I found out this week, desperate people will smash your car window in the hope the unit will be in there somewhere. Nothing was taken but they left a mess & cost me $500 to repair. Lesson learnt.

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