Bless you Rihanna…

…For not blocking the interviewer, for telling the story & doing so without a hint of ho-bag.

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Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

No day but today

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Damn you, Zeus!

According to Greek Mythology...

Explains a lot, really.

Gratitude list – 7/11/2010

Stop Whining, Start Winning

Stop Whining, Start Winning

Due to walking 40km this weekend for cancer research, my gratitude list is late… No surprises with what number 1 will be on my list!

  • My legs: for carrying me through a massive 20 hour walk… With minimal sleep (3 hours) and very few breaks (a few band-aid breaks were required to cover the blisters!) our team have so far raised $2000 (with $600 to my name!) towards the regional total of $125,000. Given my brother’s (successful) battle with cancer, I’m so proud of what we achieved: it was amazing to be part of both our contribution to furthering research into this dreadful disease & our physical commitment.
  • Accrued leave days – nothing like a random day off from the office that must be taken. Especially when it falls on a sunny day.
  • Fresh jazzy workout gear – as materialistic as it sounds, I always seem to be more amped for a workout if I know I’ve got some fun threads to wear while doing it!
  • This picture of sea otters… BLESS.
  • Being a bit gluten free during the work-week and digging it. I cheated a little with a cupcake for a 100 year old’s birthday but hey, who’s going to say no to a 100 year old!
  • Buying a copy of Vogue Italy and taking 30 mins to read an article. I figure, if my dream is to live & work there & i’m starting to tackle that by learning the language, I may as well use some study time applying my skills practically!

Danielle LaPorte – “When it’s time to stop healing and bust outta purgatory”

Danielle LaPorte is one wise woman. This is her take on the purgatory we let ourselves get into – and why we should throw off the bandages and step out into the sunlight:

And so we keep waiting for the fog to lift, naturally. We await the will of heaven. We wait for the meds to kick in. We wait, because, you know, “time heals all things.” (Time, by the way, is not the actual healer. Consciousness is.) And we keep waiting to be healed.

Waiting to be healed can be a tragic form of compromise. When we’re so close to vitality and freedom, we can be lulled by the self-comfort that has served it’s purposed, by the luxury of respites, by the mercy of slow death. Like I said, “in-between” can be risky business. No Buddhist wants to get stuck in the Bardo — they want to come back to life.

Gratitude list – 31/10/2010

Here & now I’m starting a tradition for myself: a Sunday night gratitude list of things that are making me happy to be alive, cartwheeling on the inside & smiling at strangers.

The idea is nothing new, but we can surely all do with the super karma vibes that come from digging what you’ve got.

Here’s my love-filled list:

• Squashing lots of much-needed catch-ups with friends into a sunny weekend

• Realising that sisters do indeed come before misters (bros before hoes but appropriated for the ladies!)

• Getting some sun (ok, a little too much sun… Eek!) at the beach – Summer is fast approaching!

• Reading up on food & nutrition & planning a less-glutenous diet. I don’t really have any food allergy issues but I’m keen to see. I’m not ready to give up my muesli yet though!

• 70s TV shows – Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, Green Acres & Gilligan’s Island all leave me in hysterics… I now understand Dad’s constant “back in my day” whines about modern sitcoms.

• Making some time for EFT, visualisation & meditation & planning to do some sort of similar focused mental activity daily

• Hiding my credit card from myself & knowing I’ll survive – even though I really only use it for the essentials (and the occasional fashion emergency) the time has come to just pay it off.

• Finally being able to acknowledge that, although it still hurts a bit, everything happens for the best, the universe is on your side, and bigger & better things are well on their way.

• Doing my Italian homework – it’s tough but I’m getting there. Vogue Italia, look out!

Words from the wise…

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

– Marilyn Monroe

How to have a lovely day…

How to have a lovely day

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“Pretty” – Katie Makkai


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If every girl watched this, the world would be a different place for women young & old. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll still be hard-pressed to find a bigger fashionista – but there’s a lesson or two in this for everyone.