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The Performance Paleo Cookbook |

When I started to really focus on a less-processed way of eating and stumbled across the paleo movement, Stupid Easy Paleo was one of the websites I scraped for recipe ideas and learnt so much from. I’ve followed its creator, Steph Gaudreau, around the interwebs ever since and was so pumped when I heard she was releasing a real hold-in-your-hand cookbook chock-full of her signature speedy, simple & delicious recipes.

So full disclosure: here I am just hangin’ out with Steph in Thailand last year on a Culinary Adventure. While I don’t know her well, what I have got to know about her is that she’s incredibly passionate about helping people live healthier, more balanced and effective lives. And because she’s a life-long athlete herself, Steph has a special interest in forging paleo-fueled sports superstars.

Just hanging out | When in Chiang Mai: Elephants & Ziplining |

The Performance Paleo Cookbook is written “for anyone who is passionate about performance” but alongside the recipes for pre-workout protein hits, shakes and post-workout carbs, you’ll also find recipes like Apple Fennel Slow Cooker Chicken and Blackened Fish Soft Tacos with Mango Slaw. And they are hardly worth hiding from the more casual athletes amongst us!

My most favourite recipe in the book would have to be the Hasselback Sweet Potatoes. My dad would occasionally roast us up a batch of white potato hasselbacks and while they were delicious, I think the sweet potatoes are a much more impressive vehicle for hasselbackin’. They take a while in the oven but I reckon it’s totally worth the effort.

Hasselback sweet potatoes | Performance Paleo |

One thing I love about Steph’s recipes is that she rarely uses where-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-buy-that ingredients. Relying on the beauty of natural flavour combinations and herbs & spices, Steph still churns out deceptively simple, dinner party-worthy feasts like Mocha-Rubbed Slow Cooker Pot Roast and Honey Garlic Lemon Chicken Wings. And if you don’t have a particular ingredient in the house, or you want to switch your proteins or veggies around, it’s all pretty foolproof in most cases. Which is pretty much what I did with the below custards.

Using the recipe for the Lemon Vanilla Custard with Blueberry Sauce, I hacked my way to a Jaffa Custard – oranges instead of lemons, a scoop of cacao and a cacao & coconut oil topping instead of the blueberry sauce. Gotta love a successful experiment!

Jaffa custard |

Athletes – and that’s anyone from weekend warriors to full-on sports wonders – will get the most out of The Performance Paleo Cookbook, regardless of whether you’d normally identify as “paleo”. While the book is targeted at active types, don’t think you’ll have to feed your visiting grandmother from a different tome. My granny would be happily all up on the majority of the dinner options!

If you’re a fan of Steph’s recipes from the Stupid Easy Paleo website, or you have her e-book, The Paleo Athlete, this cookbook is well worth the investment.

x Liz

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