Stuff & things 27/12/2010

In search of inspiration for new year’s resolves, a few of the following have been of most assistance:

  • Tim Ferriss‘s archives, particularly the “Superstar Effect” and this one about Bill Clinton’s Reality Distortion Field.
  • Not exactly summer-season fare but this Coconut Red Lentil Soup sounds totally super… Especially now my body has decided it wants nothing today with wheat-y, gluten-y good times. Sadface.
  • How amazing is the concept of being a Spiritual Athlete? It’s a Kris Carr effort: “Yes, that’s what you are, a spiritual athlete. So why the heck would you bolt out of bed and start your day without a warm-up?”
  • Tavi’s blog: Style Rookie – that one by that superstar teen blogger. You know, mini-Wintour. What a gun.
  • Gala Darling. Everything she does is gold really. I’ve been a fan since pretty well the beginning & she just gets better & better. I’m hoping she does a 2011 Style Direction post soon, like this, but there’s good bits flying left, right & centre over there, including this, this & this. Actually, watch if you read that last one, be sure to watch the video & give it a go. Sarah Wilson has too.


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