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Three Bears Kitchen, Newcastle

It seems like every week there’s a new eatery springing up in and around Newcastle. I’m not complaining! Three Bears Kitchen is the latest cab off the rank and from all signs so far, it is juuuust right. (Sorry, Three Bears reference, you know.)

Shakshuka | Three Bears Kitchen | lizniland.com

I find it hard to go past a Shakshuka, especially one that is labelled as such rather than the more generic “baked eggs and tomatoes”. It holds more promise, I think. This was superb with just the right amount of heat, without feeling like I was sweating off my freshly applied make up.

Breakfast with friends | Three Bears Kitchen | lizniland.com

I’ve been to Three Bears Kitchen twice now – the above snap was a “Stop! Nobody touch anything til I take a photo!” moment with my Ladies’ Breakfast crew. Yes, I’m that guy girl. Bottom left was my porridge (don’t worry, you’ll get the close up below); the two top dishes are the Bacon Butty filled with endless barbecue sauce, apparently; and the other one was the Green Machine: Poachies, avo, greens and sprouts.

Porridge | Three Bears Kitchen | lizniland.com

When in a cafe named Three Bears Kitchen, one cannot avoid the porridge on the menu; here it is a totally modern mix of red rice and quinoa with almond milk, rhubarb, berries, figs & pistachios.

The coffee was on point too – I enjoyed a couple of long blacks and no complaints were made by the milk coffee drinkers.

I didn’t take a snap of the interior – can’t photo, eating – but it’s obvious that the people behind the beautifully-decorated Rustica had a hand in the striking, faux-broken down industrial stylings.

Welcome to Newcastle, Three Bears Kitchen!

x Liz

Photo note: All by me, on my trusty iPhone & slightly touched by ABM Actions.

#The100DayProject: 100 days of posts

I’ve decided to attempt the 100 Days Project.

100 days project | lizniland.com

Participants are encouraged to pick a creative pursuit they want to practice daily & stick with it for 100 consecutive days, chipping away at a bigger work or knocking over a bunch of tiny projects day-by-day.

From the site:

It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.

I’ve decided this website is my project. I have perfectionist paralysis – I take ages to write something & then never hit publish until I’m 100% ready. (Apologies in advance for the typos and under developed thoughts that will no doubt make their way in.)

It’s time to change that – I’m committing to posting daily. Short posts, images, lists, rants, long posts if I get the time & inspiration: it’s all happening.

I’ve decided to take the pressure off creating my own images for this project – my goal is to focus on writing – so while I won’t be hanging up my camera necessarily, I will be using Death to Stock Photo regularly to complement my posts (and cut down on excuses).

Here goes nothing!


x Liz

P.s. If you’re keen to join me for 100 days of whatever your creative jam entails, head to the 100 Days Project to find out more.  

P.p.s. This post is totally counting as Day One.