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Seeking: Adventure


Since seeing RED (which, while it had the most ridiculous “plot” I’ve seen in a good while, was actually hilarious & awesome & involved Helen Mirren toting high-powered weaponry. Anyway, I digress. As you were.) I’ve been using “Guatemala” as my “Timbuktu”. You know, “I just want to throw out my phone & go volunteer in an orphanage in Timbuktu Guatemala.”

Unlike the stars of RED though (which I think were all drunk at an Oscar’s after party & thought it’d be hilarious if they all got together & made a crazy movie where they could dress up as retired CIA agents & relive the glory days) I knew nothing about Guatemala (let alone any top-secret mission that occurred there in the 70s). Until I saw this post by Tim Leffal on Tim Ferris’s blog: 8 Exotic Destinations You Can Afford.

I want to go to all of these places! How does one get paid to travel the world & take pictures & write about their experiences? That’s my dream. (Along with being a spy & being an actress.)