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Gratitude list 19/12/2010

Sunday love to:

<3 Rain outside at night
<3 Coming home to a tidy house – preparation is key to so many things!
<3 Seeing plenty of friends
<3 Favourite Chinese restaurant meal of lemon chicken, garlic broccoli, rice & DUMPLINGS!!
<3 Getting clarity – it cuts a little but it's so much better knowing truths as they exist rather than finding out too late..
<3 My Nina – best friends since kindy & still going strong, 18 years later xoxo
<3 Cute Christmas presents that are so ME! (A white scarf emblazoned with skulls, a mint green teapot.)
<3 A quiet house for a sleep in tomorrow
<3 Meeting a 109 year old that is just about as spritely as my super spritely 75 year old Granny! A.May.Zing!
<3 A totally fantastic bargain on a Christmas present for my father
<3 The head massage the hairdresser gives when she's washing out your colour – bliss.
<3 Freshly coloured hair
<3 Crazy Christmas week is here!! And then holidays begin!! Yayy!!

Gratitude list 5/12/2010

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night again already! A busy busy week makes for lots of tired yawns but also lots of super accomplishments… And hopefully this week will be filled with fun, laughter, early Christmas cheer, good friends, and maybe another win at netball tomorrow night 😉

Shout-outs this week go to:

 Mia madre for cleaning my car, inside & out, AND doing a spot of panel-beating to iron out a mark some poor soul left on my little green machine.

 Brunch followed by scones & shopping centre people watching with the besties. The brunch was at a top local cafe (Stillwater on Belmore) that I’ll definitely be hitting again!

 The fact that my Christmas shopping is 75% DONE! I’ve even wrapped the completed ones – very pleased with my organisational skills 🙂

 My beautiful Christmas tree – a few new decorations & some great lights have updated it for the season

 Getting back in the swimming pool & helping parents with skills & strategies to get their kids swimming & behaving strongly & confidently around water. Brings me so much joy & I’m insanely passionate about it all.

 Eating amazingly tasty food & having some wines while listening to friends recount hilarious stories

 Knowing that all you need is love… And knowing that love has to first flourish within me, myself & I. I’m embarking on a challenge to put love out wherever I possibly can. Love breeds love breeds love.

Gratitude list 28/11/2010

Early start tomorrow morning + a headache + too much technology for one day = a probably short list… Quality over quantity 😉

Things I’m loving now:
 Powering through work & tasks & crossing things off the to-do list!
 Polite & helpful kids – some people just really understand what it takes to be a parent & raise super kick-ass kids!
 Eating healthily – I had a meat-free day Saturday & I’m trying to stay on the salads… Of course they are my kind of fun kitchen-sink salads but still, better than a lot of options!
 Absolutely owning my gym session today – ran intervals & then did strength training & some dynamic stretching.
 Listening to a couple of stories in the last few days about young women – one attacked to near-death by her then boyfriend and another about a 16-year-old who has been in foster care for pretty much her entire life – and being reminded that I’m one of the luckiest kids in the world.

Gratitude list 21/11/2010

My love letter to the universe:

 Swimming at the beach in the late afternoon wearing my brand new super-feminine bikini has got to be the best way to end the week & centre yourself for the days to come.

 My parents, particularly my mother, for being on my side in challenging times.

 My friends for having play dates with me – seeing Harry Potter 7.1, going shopping, brunching…

 Finding some super cool new clothes that work back with a bunch of other items already in the closet.

 Really really realising that better things are coming, that the universe is on your side & that everything will work itself out in time.

 Buying my first Christmas present of the season… Preparation!

 This website: http://www.hunteranimalrescue.com.au. I desperately want a puppy dawg but my current life & abode isn’t suitable. Here’s hoping I can rescue a little fella someday soon.

 Tangerine & glitter nail polish. Nuff said!

 While I am responsible for my own happiness, it was fantastic to get some random compliments on my jazzy new printed silk pants today. My housemate & I think we should try & get a store to sponsor us – we have a spare room that could function as a communal closet – so we could rock their clothes in our respectively awesome ways. Forever New & Sportsgirl, we’re looking at you!

Gratitude list – 31/10/2010

Here & now I’m starting a tradition for myself: a Sunday night gratitude list of things that are making me happy to be alive, cartwheeling on the inside & smiling at strangers.

The idea is nothing new, but we can surely all do with the super karma vibes that come from digging what you’ve got.

Here’s my love-filled list:

• Squashing lots of much-needed catch-ups with friends into a sunny weekend

• Realising that sisters do indeed come before misters (bros before hoes but appropriated for the ladies!)

• Getting some sun (ok, a little too much sun… Eek!) at the beach – Summer is fast approaching!

• Reading up on food & nutrition & planning a less-glutenous diet. I don’t really have any food allergy issues but I’m keen to see. I’m not ready to give up my muesli yet though!

• 70s TV shows – Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, Green Acres & Gilligan’s Island all leave me in hysterics… I now understand Dad’s constant “back in my day” whines about modern sitcoms.

• Making some time for EFT, visualisation & meditation & planning to do some sort of similar focused mental activity daily

• Hiding my credit card from myself & knowing I’ll survive – even though I really only use it for the essentials (and the occasional fashion emergency) the time has come to just pay it off.

• Finally being able to acknowledge that, although it still hurts a bit, everything happens for the best, the universe is on your side, and bigger & better things are well on their way.

• Doing my Italian homework – it’s tough but I’m getting there. Vogue Italia, look out!