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Latest eats: Weekend proteins & a brownie sandwich

This weekend’s out-and-about eats saw us trading in the newest hotspots (like Three Bears Kitchen) for some slightly more established venues. Friday lunch was a farewell for a colleague at The Lucky Hotel. I devoured this healthful & totally photogenic blackened fishy over cajun rice & topped with a scoop of herby goodness.

Blackened fish & cajun rice | The Lucky Hotel Newcastle | lizniland.com

On the walk from The Lucky back to the office, I may or may not have popped into Hello Naomi with a couple of the girls. Salted caramel & peanut butter brownie sandwich: can you blame us?? So worth it.

Brownie Sandwiches | Hello Naomi | lizniland.com

After a cracking session at Gritshed, I swung by home & collected Michael for brunch at Fortunate Son in Hamilton. I’ve been for a Friday night beverage and bar snack but after hearing great reviews, we still hadn’t made it in for a proper meal. This braised short rib hashbrown with rocket, tomato relish & poachies lived up to the hype and fuelled me up for a long walk around the beach.

Braised short rib hashbrown | Fortunate Son Hamilton | lizniland.com

Sunday mornings usually see Michael hit the yoga mat at Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle while I do the rounds at the farmers’ markets. I love getting in early and wandering about, picking out the best produce. It’s so much fresher, more delicious and doesn’t cost me any more than the often imported and not-so-great options at the supermarket.

After we finish our activities, we head out for breakfast. This is the Savoury Mince at The Edwards. Most morning visits to The Edwards involve the are-you-getting-the-mince-or-can-I discussion. I won out this time with Michael enjoying the eggs & baked beans instead.

Savoury mince | The Edwards  Newcastle | lizniland.com

It was a delicious weekend! What were you feasting on?

x Liz


Photo note: All by me, on my trusty iPhone