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Let us lay in the sun

Let us lay in the sun

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Blessing of the day

…looking at photos from 6 months ago & realising how much better off you are now, even though you thought you’d never be happier than you were in that moment.

Every day is better than the last & every hour brings you closer to your dreams. You never know how close you are, so never, never, never give up.

NOTE: More exciting posts to begin soon: back-to-work week has been more tiring than I thought it would be! In the days to come, expect to check out some of my daily outfits, read about Milan Fashion week and cop some commentary on the non-flood news of the week.

Tweet of the day

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

– Epictetus

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Things I Love Thursday

As inspired by Miss Gala Darling, here are the things I love, on this Thursday:
• Taking two whole days off from the gym & feeling so amped to get back first thing tomorrow morning
• Spending time with old friends – nothing beats that
• Knowing I’m back at work in four more sleeps! While everyone else around the place seems to hate being back at their respective jobs, I miss being in my office with my work people- I’m not very good at having time off to do nothing… Hence the increase in time spent at the gym!
• Moments of clarity
• The guy that plays the lead love interest in Burlesque. Hottt. (The movie was much better than expected actually. Aguilera has the greatest voice ever and, for a 307-year-old, Cher is surprisingly 40-looking. Note me down her surgeon & come back to me when I’m 63)
• Donating to the Queensland floods appeal. Do it.
• Chats with the grandmother
• Sleeping stretched out in your own bed

My favourite things…

Sparkling fairy floss nail polish, tasty dinners, chats with friends, good tv, warm quiet nights, tired eyes, solid gym sessions that leave you sore & wanting more, the Thursday night anticipation that Friday is just hours away.

Random sparkles of awesome 24/11/2010

Sometimes it’s fabulous when someone asks you how you are and won’t “Fine thanks” for an answer if they know it’s probably not the case. When someone wants to take the time to really listen &, other than seeing you smile, has no vested interest in your story otherwise, it’s a true blessing.

Sometimes it’s not “cheering up” that people need when they’re down (it’s not like a me-me-me pity party would work either!) but it’s the simple offering of a listening ear that doesn’t try to solve your situation.

Sometimes the best thing someone can do is take the time to say “how are you?” & be ready to really listen for the response.

No day but today

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Gratitude list – 31/10/2010

Here & now I’m starting a tradition for myself: a Sunday night gratitude list of things that are making me happy to be alive, cartwheeling on the inside & smiling at strangers.

The idea is nothing new, but we can surely all do with the super karma vibes that come from digging what you’ve got.

Here’s my love-filled list:

• Squashing lots of much-needed catch-ups with friends into a sunny weekend

• Realising that sisters do indeed come before misters (bros before hoes but appropriated for the ladies!)

• Getting some sun (ok, a little too much sun… Eek!) at the beach – Summer is fast approaching!

• Reading up on food & nutrition & planning a less-glutenous diet. I don’t really have any food allergy issues but I’m keen to see. I’m not ready to give up my muesli yet though!

• 70s TV shows – Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, Green Acres & Gilligan’s Island all leave me in hysterics… I now understand Dad’s constant “back in my day” whines about modern sitcoms.

• Making some time for EFT, visualisation & meditation & planning to do some sort of similar focused mental activity daily

• Hiding my credit card from myself & knowing I’ll survive – even though I really only use it for the essentials (and the occasional fashion emergency) the time has come to just pay it off.

• Finally being able to acknowledge that, although it still hurts a bit, everything happens for the best, the universe is on your side, and bigger & better things are well on their way.

• Doing my Italian homework – it’s tough but I’m getting there. Vogue Italia, look out!