Thankful Thursday: April 16th

Pretty snail mail | Thankful Thursday |

A sprinkling of things I’m grateful for this week.

  • Getting great mail. Check out the above pile 🙂 Belated engagement gifts & a super cute wedding invite. Totally makes up for the gas bill!
  • Launching a Facebook page for this site & having a bunch of people like it straight away. I’m so grateful for the support everyone, it’s so inspiring to know I’ve got a solid pack of cheerleaders!
  • Early starts on Sundays. Ain’t nobody got time for long sleep-ins; there’s a farmers’ market to attack and brunch to consume!
  • Yin yoga. If you haven’t tried, track down a class. In Newcastle, I recommend Yoga For All. It’s all about the fascia baby.
  • Hearing cool stories about clever entrepreneurial types. This week’s hottest hits are Autopilot (mates since childhood killing it in San Fran) & Camplify (local dudes about to hit the big time).
  • Recognising when you just need to stop and have a cup of tea. Chill, there’s time. #abundance
  • Catching up with long-time great mates.

What are you loving this week?


x Liz


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