The 8 essential tools for a wholefoods kitchen

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While a sharp knife and a chopping board will get you a long way, carefully investing in a handful of small kitchen gadgets will really help amp up your wholefood home-cooking game.

Here are my always-in-the-sink kitchen essentials:

1. Stick/immersion blender

Making mayonnaise, smoothies, tahini, dips, soups and anything else you ever wanted in puree form, a stick blender is the easy-clean brother of the blender and the petit cousin of the food processor. It’ll struggle making nut milks but it’ll happily make a smooth and creamy choc-avo mousse. Keep an eye out for units with interchangeable fittings – mine plugs into a mini food processor and has a whisk attachment. Handy!

2. Proper knives

Yeah, random cheapo knives will do a decent job of dicing your chicken and roughly chopping your carrots but what about a speedy chiffonade of coriander? Or thinly sliced beef? Sharp, fancy knives may seem intimidating but the truth is blunt knives are more dangerous: have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes trying to hack into a bigger-than-your-average sweet potato with a knife that would struggle to cut butter? Practice doesn’t make 100% perfect (the wounds my chef little bro has had over the years prove that) but it certainly will help.

3. Measuring cups

Eye-balling a scoop of this & a scoop of that is all well & good for a casual cook up but good luck getting a delicious raw creation to turn out dinner party-ready without keeping track of your cacao butter to rice malt syrup ratios. These ones are live-forever Tupperware.

4. Kitchen scissors

Traditionally used to spatchcock a chook, I use my kitchen scissors for plenty beyond chicken! An easy snip-the-tip for beans (get the kids involved) and a less scary way to finely slice your leafy herbs, scissors are also handy for plain old packet opening.

5. Garlic press

Squish cloves of garlic in a single squeeze! No need to get fiddly with your knives and attempt a fine slice, a decent garlic press can even cope if you leave the skin on. A tip: Rinse it out as soon as you’re done otherwise the dried up garlic is a treat to clean off when you finally get around to doing the dishes.

6. Measuring spoons

I’ll admit, I thought these were an unnecessary addition to the kitchen when they first debuted. Now though, I use this little tablespoon daily. Ultimate nerd out: try and make a morning smoothie without needing to wash it between ingredients – start with dry items and then work through to the messier goodies. I go chia seeds, then a scoop of maca powder, honey and then nut butter!

7. Julienne peeler

This is what you need to deliver the majestic zoodle (zucchini noodle) to your table. Like a vegetable peeler/grater hybrid, this little guy makes long, thin strips out of your veg. Once you get the hang of it, make these Comfort Noodles.

8. Microplane grater

Moving into a house that my aforementioned chef brother moved out of had its advantages: abandoned utensils. This grater was one such acquisition and I don’t think I’d be able to efficiently add ginger to meals or zest fruits without it. Super sharp (I’ve copped a couple of forced manicures), your Microplane needs that straight-away rinse after use too.

So does that cover off the most used items in your kitchen drawers? What did I miss? I’ll post about my essential appliances and bigger kitchen gadgets soon. FYI, it’s a Thermomix-free zone. I’m still not convinced those things are worth the coin!

x Liz


Photo note: Image by me on my trusty iPhone with a little polish via the ABM Actions.

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  1. Dan B on April 13, 2015 at 2:34 pm said:

    Like Babes, what do you do if you have all these tools but no food??? LOL!!

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