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Kids these days

Girl’s Facebook status: “Omg I love you Kurt!”
Male friend: “Are you listening to Nirvana?”
Girl: “Ah no. I’m watching Glee.”

Ban the FML. For good.

I am concerned about the increase in the use of the quip “FML” or, “Fuck My Life”. Often uttered by well-educated Gen-Ys about the current state of their life, FML is a disgraceful example of how self-loathing can become somewhat popular.

Over at the lovely blog of Gala Darling, Radical Self Love month is just about to begin. I see no better time than to banish the use of FML.

It’s such an aggressive criticism of not only oneself, but also of the forces that helped deliver you to where you are today. A relationship might fail, a job may fall through but it’s all experience; it’s all happening to build you up for future challenges & to help you really appreciate the amazingness of big success. The job that comes together, the boy that stays when times are tough – would you appreciate them if you knew nothing other than success at all things?

You need the clouds to appreciate the sunshine. You don’t need to berate life for throwing you an appreciation test. Take what you can from every experience, keep your head held high & take pleasure in the little wins of everyday. Morning coffee, scoring the last blueberry & white choc muffin at your favourite cafe, getting your liquid eyeliner perfect, scoring an amazing bargain… It’s all there. Keep your eyes open to the beauty & there’ll be no need for letting an FML into your vocabulary.

Partying on a school night

A Chinese feast, a bottle of Sangiovese rose & one of the best gigs I’ve seen in a long time add up to one fabulous Monday night!

30 pounds of mac & cheese

So apparently Oprah did eat the whole wheel of cheese*. More specifically, she ate half an Olsen twin worth of mac & cheese when she started spiraling into depression years back. (Watch the interview snippet for more)

When it comes to comfort food, I’ve found that the best benefit comes from eating tasty goodness that has some nutritional qualities; ie, not plastic cheese-coated pasta.

Did you know brown rice is loaded with magnesium, a mineral which does wonders for ones mental health & anxiety levels? Or what about raising a sweat, upping your metabolism & getting some vitamin-boosting veggies into you with a chilli-laden stirfry?

If cheesy carbs assist you like nothing else to lift your mood or enable momentary wallowing though, try mashing potato (bonus points for using sweet potato!) with a whack of minced garlic, a good sprinkling of salt & pepper and a spoonful of ricotta – slightly cheesy goodtimes with a lot less regret than that which comes with 30 pounds of mac & cheese.

Honestly. Is that some kind of record? That’s a preschooler!

*Anchorman reference. You really should’ve known that already though. If you didn’t, get thee to blockbuster, stat.

Things I Love Thursday

As inspired by Miss Gala Darling, here are the things I love, on this Thursday:
• Taking two whole days off from the gym & feeling so amped to get back first thing tomorrow morning
• Spending time with old friends – nothing beats that
• Knowing I’m back at work in four more sleeps! While everyone else around the place seems to hate being back at their respective jobs, I miss being in my office with my work people- I’m not very good at having time off to do nothing… Hence the increase in time spent at the gym!
• Moments of clarity
• The guy that plays the lead love interest in Burlesque. Hottt. (The movie was much better than expected actually. Aguilera has the greatest voice ever and, for a 307-year-old, Cher is surprisingly 40-looking. Note me down her surgeon & come back to me when I’m 63)
• Donating to the Queensland floods appeal. Do it.
• Chats with the grandmother
• Sleeping stretched out in your own bed


“To acquire love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.”
– Charles Haanel

Healthy start

I’ve been a fairly keen gym-bunny for a while now… Actually, I’ve been hitting the gym (& walking, running & playing indoor netball) regularly for around the last 3 years… All in the same runners. the time has come:

With my fantastic new Asics joggers, I’m hitting the gym with a new fervor – tomorrow morning I’m taking on a weights class followed immediately by Zumba. I need to up my cardio & drop off the weight-training a touch – I’m still focusing on weight-bearing activity but just knocking the actual dumbbells down a little.

While I’ve got a little time off work, I’m finding that backing-up for double classes is a great way for me to get a big whack of exercise done while still staying interested & motivated (more than 20mins on a treadmill & I start eyeing off the bike or the cross-trainer) When I purchased the shoes (for half price might I add!) I also nabbed a half-price Puma tee & a pair of Adidas tights with 20% off the rrp. It’s amazing how more into exercise you can feel with a fresh new gym kit!

A post a day, for 365 days

As today is January 1st 2011, I’ve decided to set my self a few challenges to complete during the year. One of these is to make a post to this blog everyday for the entire year: whether it be a rediscovered or new photo, a link, an overheard funny or a rant about life, I’ll be posting something everyday.

By doing this, I’m aiming to stimulate my creative juices, show gratitude for the rad world in which I live & share the anecdotal evidence gathered by a girl ready to own 2011. Happy New Year!

My favourite things…

Sparkling fairy floss nail polish, tasty dinners, chats with friends, good tv, warm quiet nights, tired eyes, solid gym sessions that leave you sore & wanting more, the Thursday night anticipation that Friday is just hours away.