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Staying in touch with far-flung friends

Keeping in touch with far-flung friends | lizniland.com

Tonight is the last hurrah for a close friend who’s moving over to the United Kingdom indefinitely. She’ll be back for our wedding in October later this year but beyond that, she’s hoping she’ll be met with a top-notch job and her own Prince Harry.

I have quite a few friends & family members who have lived, or still do live, overseas or interstate and I honestly find it difficult to keep in touch with them as much as I would like to.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and the rest!) are convenient tools but I feel like they provide an illusion of connection: I can see where you’re working now (Like!), I know the name of your favourite coffee haunt (Retweet!) & I love the new boots you bought (<3 <3 <3) but I had no idea your grandma was ill and that the guy you were seeing was a dud and that you had a rotten day yesterday. Real connection, the kind that comes after a few sips of coffee and a mouthful of sweetness, is hard to recreate when there are oceans between you.

The long chats had while meandering through shopping malls are replaced by emails: Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply!!!

I struggle to share my love from afar but as someone who highly values loyalty, a close friend is never far from my mind, however far they slip down my must-respond email list. I’m an in-person connector, if that’s a proper type. The phone is for arranging catch ups, the emails always feel like the temporary fix. But what if they’re always going to live far away.

I think it’s different with the people you meet on adventures too. On my #PNTHAILAND14 culinary adventure, I met a dozen fantastic individuals who I still keep in touch with via social media. And that feels right. It feels like it works to just comment on fun photos and cheer on their successes. After all, while we shared a great trip, it was such a short time to get to know someone much deeper than their social media persona anyway. It’s so different to the people you’ve grown up with, counselled over silly boys, dressed up and danced away the night with so many times. A Like, a Retweet, a late email doesn’t do that justice.

Short of taking regular trips halfway around the globe, I don’t know if there is a solution. Become a billionaire or live with the slight discord of a friendship from afar.

x Liz

P.s. How do you go with keeping in touch? I’d love to hear any tips for someone that needs to get better at it!

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