Summer gazpacho

Along with a leopard-print blouse, lilac nail polish & a $39 glass of Veuve, today I purchased lunch at Sydney’s 3-hatted Est. restaurant: workplace of my chef brother Josh (@mrniland on the Twit).

While I only ordered 2 dishes (salt cod beignets & the mulloway fillet with witlof & agro dolce – both of which were awesome, especially the beignets) the kitchen also sent me out these two dishes:

The prettiest, daintiest gazpacho ever…

Scallops served with ribbons of cured tuna belly…

Needless to say, after eating the majority of Sydney’s seafood quota for lunch, I was ridiculously full & could only manage 2 of the 5 delish petit fors served with my dear-lord-please-help-me-digest-this-feast peppermint tea.

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