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Cumulus for breakfast

Today’s post is coming to you live from a huge king-size bed at the luxurious Sofitel in the “Paris” end of Melbourne’s CBD.

We’ve been here two nights already (read: two whole shopping days!) and I probably should go home now before I spend any more money. Our flight however, is not booked until Saturday afternoon so if one must carry on with such frivolity, one must do what they have to do (& put all salary for next month into one’s dwindling bank account). Stay tuned for a purchases round up!

The most excellent thing we have found so far here (other than the Veronika Maine sale at DJs…) is an eating house called Cumulus Inc. On a recommendation from my younger chef brother, we hit the Flinders Lane spot for breakfast yesterday morning… And will no doubt return again this morning & possibly every morning until we fly out.

Incredibly Melbourne with attentive service even with the absolute deluge of New Year clientele, Cumulus lived up to the “must go” status the brother gave it. Offering far more than a choice between a Bircher & a Benedict, the menu is full of creativity & flavour at a sensible brunch-style price point (we got outta there at sub-$45 anyway!)

We were bar-seated looking into the kitchen which suited us just fine. It’s always interesting to see the preparation of other ingredients, as well as the interplay between the assortment of kitchen staff.


I opted for the Cumulus Breakfast which included a perfectly boiled egg, toast, assorted preserves, a pot of yogurt with poached & fresh fruit and, wait for it, coffee AND a fresh orange juice. Twas perfect for girls like me who always want a smorgasbord selection but whose eyes are often to big for their belly.

The lad’s breakfast was The Full English & he barely looked up until it was fully demolished. With a supporting cast of 2 sunny-side ups, thick slices of bacon and toast, the star of the show was a dark & rich blood sausage. Soft but full of texture, the sausage was made up of pig’s blood, pear & a band of other treats.

He also gave the thumbs up to the coffee on offer opting for an espresso and a double ristretto.

We are going there again. Right now.