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Friday Fun

What’s floatin’ my boat this Friday:

  • Ellen Degeneres challenging Michelle Obama to a push-up contest. Watch this.
  • This woman, Gala Darling. It blows my mind that she’s only a couple of years older than me but yet has done so much for young women all around the net-savvy globe. I’ve been an avid reader of her website (and eBooks) since near its inception and she just keeps getting better & better.
  • I made these cookies a couple of times over Christmas & saw them evaporate from the serving plate in a matter of seconds. While they are pretty festive looking, I’m thinking that given The Lad has to work all weekend (a 12-day week is nothing to be sneezed at! Poor kid) I may just make a batch for him to take along.
  • This Thai Beef Salad is scheduled for dinner. Ooohh yeahhh. Stay tuned for the evidence!
  • A big gym sesh last night – I did a 20 minute effort of a 3-2-1 routine (as inspired by IowaGirlEats – can you tell I’m a little bit of a fan of her blog?) followed straight up by a strength-training super-set routine designed by The Lad. Let me tell you, I was sweating like nothing else! It was good to have a run again, even though it was on a treadmill. We’ve got a 10km fun run coming up in April and if this rain doesn’t let up soon we’re going to have to bite the soggy bullet and head out for a drenching rain run. I will most probably slip & fall on my butt in front of strangers if we do this. As humourous as this might sound, it concerns me.
  • Trying hard not to buy random pretty things I want (Damn you Vintage Marketplace for looking so good!) but I think Sportsgirl might be the recipient of some hard-earned dollars soon.