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Melbourne: 19-23 June

For my birthday this year, we escaped to Melbourne for food, footy & adventures. We stayed at The Grand Hotel (lives up to its name!), bought Hawks scarves to fit in with the locals at the AFL & ate beautiful food at Rosetta, MovidaCumulus Inc, (& boozed at it’s upstairs brother, Cumulus Up) and plenty of other quality locals. That’s one thing about Melbourne – you really can’t go wrong!

Busy busy busy!

How busy have I been? So busy that my March 2011 Vogue is still in the plastic it was posted in! It looks so tasty too! Lord knows I love me a colour fiesta! And I die for that Prada skirt (and everything else that went down the runway with it!)

Normal programming will resume soon – moving house has gotta be a good enough excuse?! Ah well, looking forward to getting back on the wagon soon.

Paris Fashion Week: Mugler Menswear Fall-Winter 11/12

Mugler AW11/12

jakandjil.com - the slickest fash pic blog around

Why make plain menswear when you can make skeleton-style menswear? While ethereal ghost veils aren’t practical for daytime, they look damn good on a runway! See more photos at Jak & Jil Blog.

Breakfast beauty: Chorizo omlette

Damn straight I’m awesome in the kitchen. Ima gonna make me a good wife someday!

Queensland floods

More than 75% of Queensland is, or has been, underwater – an area larger than France & Germany combined. The Brisbane CBD has been majority evacuated & power will be cut there in the morning. At time of writing this, 10 people have lost their lives & many more are missing, feared dead.

Just 4 months ago, I was in Brisbane, staying in a hotel that would now be well-flooded.

My thoughts & prayers are with everyone affected.

Don’t you just love it when…

…your friends’ mum cleans out her jewellery stash & her daughters don’t want her hilariously awesome findings! I got a bag full of the best earrings 1977-1989 had to offer. Best.

How to make ankle boots

So I admit the title of this post may be slightly misleading… For one to “make” a pair of ankle boots, one must already be in possession of some slouchy mid-calf boots.

These are then, not-so-magically, folded down to create some on-trend, in season ankle boots. Sure, it ain’t rocket science but I loves me a hard-working fashion penny-saver!

I rocked these with a floral knee-length singlet dress & oversized black cardi on a cool rainy day. Fashionably dry toes.

Face off


My mate Katie works for Napoleon Perdis & she did my face this morning – we went for a rosy cheek, a purple eye with a liquid line & plenty of mascara. I have nowhere to parade it to but thought I’d take a happy snap before I have to wash it off for the gym.

Healthy start

I’ve been a fairly keen gym-bunny for a while now… Actually, I’ve been hitting the gym (& walking, running & playing indoor netball) regularly for around the last 3 years… All in the same runners. the time has come:

With my fantastic new Asics joggers, I’m hitting the gym with a new fervor – tomorrow morning I’m taking on a weights class followed immediately by Zumba. I need to up my cardio & drop off the weight-training a touch – I’m still focusing on weight-bearing activity but just knocking the actual dumbbells down a little.

While I’ve got a little time off work, I’m finding that backing-up for double classes is a great way for me to get a big whack of exercise done while still staying interested & motivated (more than 20mins on a treadmill & I start eyeing off the bike or the cross-trainer) When I purchased the shoes (for half price might I add!) I also nabbed a half-price Puma tee & a pair of Adidas tights with 20% off the rrp. It’s amazing how more into exercise you can feel with a fresh new gym kit!

Lights, camera, action