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25 Questions with… Holistic Health Honey

Cindra | Holistic Health Honey | lizniland.com

You might remember this beautiful soul from the Love Yourself Well workshop I went to a couple of months back. Cindra, aka Holistic Health Honey, is a big-hearted holistic health coach and yoga teacher with a passion for leading people to the life they desire.

Hit her website to grab her free 7 Days To Self Love program & find her on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re in the Newcastle area, Cindra’s running a 3-part yoga series (Sleep, Stress & Fatigue) over 3 weeks starting this Monday July 13th. Get in quick to nab a ticket!

1. What should we call you?

I think my name is pretty hard to shorten (Cindra) but I’m otherwise know as Holistic Health Honey!

2. Who do you share your abode with?

My gorgeous wife, Melanie.

3. What do you do to pay the bills?

Living my soul purpose of teaching yoga and teaching people how to love themselves and nourish their bodies with food (holistic health coach)!

4. What do you wish you did to pay the bills?

Doing it!

5. Could you ever be (or are you) vegan?

I am… Although I like to say “plant based”…Less judgement!

Cindra follows a plant-based diet | lizniland.com

6. Favourite TV show at the moment:

‘Face Off,’ a special effects makeup reality series

7. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:

Instagram for inspiration, Facebook for business

8. Your superpower of choice?

Reading people’s minds would be super handy for my job!

9. Coolest thing you own:

My health.

10. Your favourite meal to cook:

I am not the world’s best… Although I am okay at smoothie bowls and ice cream (all goes in the blender, haha)

11. Your favourite meal to eat:

Plant-based Mexican food from our favourite restaurant in Vancouver, Canada

12. Least favourite food:

Anything processed.

13. Cheese plate or epic dessert:

Raw dessert! Cheese is obviously out.

14. Your beverage order:

Flat white on coconut milk, Imbibe water kefir or organic white wine!

Cindra's drink order | lizniland.com

15. Person you’d most like to have said beverage with right now:

My soul sister who lives too far away, Bubblegummy.

16. Last book you read:

The Desire Map – Danielle LaPorte (– I love Danielle too! Liz x)

17. Last movie you saw:

Spy. It was so funny I literally slapped my knee in laughter!

18. Who would play you in a movie:

Elizabeth Banks.

19. Your most favourite trip:

Honeymoon travelling for 3.5 months through the US, Europe, UK and Mexico.

20. Silver or gold:

White gold

21. Your favourite item of clothing:

Leopard print fake fur coat

22. Exercise of choice:

Always yoga!

Silly question | Holistic Health Honey | lizniland.com

23. Can you touch your toes?:


24. Something you’re grateful for today:

Grateful for you Liz! For being such a wonderful supporter for all I do. You’re truly special! (– Aww shucks! Liz x)

25. Best song to dance to:

At the moment, anything from Major Lazer’s new album

Thanks Cindra! Raw desserts are the best, aren’t they 🙂

x Liz

Peptalk: You deserve your love

You deserve love - Buddha quote | lizniland.com

…and Buddha don’t lie.

As part of the safety demonstration on a plane, they always tell you to fasten your own seatbelt/oxygen mask/life jacket first before helping those around you, even children.

Apply that to your life & love yourself first.

Without your own source of oxygen, you’re of no real use to anyone else!

x Liz

Photo note: Image from Death to the Stock Photo

Love Yourself Well

Love yourself well workshop | lizniland.com

Last night I was lucky enough to join 11 other ladies at Holistic Healthy Honey Cindra Banks’ Love Yourself Well Workshop. In an intimate safe space with raw emotion, bliss balls and herbal tea, strangers became journey(wo)men on the quest for self love.

While Cindra may look the epitome of healthy living, it hasn’t always been that way. The Love Yourself Well Workshop offers an introduction to the healing techniques – such as yoga, a gratitude practice and affirmations – that helped her find her way back to self love and acceptance.

We each received a little goodie bag too with our own affirmation (that’s mine in the photo above) and some assorted samples. It reminded me of an affirmation I used to use regularly & still love:

Every day in every way, I am getting better and better – Emile Coue

It was a lovely evening. My only criticism was that it was too short – it could’ve been a full-day session 🙂 As one participant said, it’s hard to talk about self love with others without feeling like you’re burdening them. I hope Cindra has many more planned!

x Liz

Tell a girl she can… & help her make it happen

So #fitspo is massive but we’re all still overweight, undernourished and hating life. Now, we all know the well-documented benefits regular exercise has (here’s a refresher: reduced risk of chronic disease & improved mental health) but how many people do you know who just don’t make sweat time a priority in their schedule? According to government stats, it’s actually more than half of your mates!

“Nearly 60% of Australians do not undertake sufficient levels of physical activity, and many of us (almost 80%) usually spend 3 or more hours sitting during our leisure time”.

The below video is part of Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign and, right now, you should definitely watch it (it’s like 90 seconds long), fall in love with it (not hard) and share it with all of your friends (I know you know how).

I know how incredibly intimidating a boxing class can be if you’re pooped after hiking the stairs to a meeting (believe me, I’ve been there). But, you should never compare the beginning of your fitness journey to where someone else is at. There’s a good chance half the people doing that class probably started exactly where you are now.

I think the whole #fitspo craze has made exercise too intimidating for everyday people. What you don’t see on Instagram are the amazing genetics, the 7 years of daily yoga/weightlifting/running training and the daily meals of steamed fish and broccoli – not to mention the angst over editing the photo sufficiently & picking an appropriate filter! That’s why I love this clip so much – it’s all real girls doing real sports. That’s what we all need more examples of.

If you’re already out there leading the exercise charge by example, why not lend a friend a hand & help them get outta that 60% that need to move more. Invite them to a just-for-fun dance class, encourage them to join you on a regular lunch-break walk or even just send them this clip because you love it.

Exercise for yourself & your health – not to be skinny or to slim down for that upcoming wedding/birthday/reunion. Do it for you. And don’t worry what you look like – the sweatier the better I reckon!

Ban the FML. For good.

I am concerned about the increase in the use of the quip “FML” or, “Fuck My Life”. Often uttered by well-educated Gen-Ys about the current state of their life, FML is a disgraceful example of how self-loathing can become somewhat popular.

Over at the lovely blog of Gala Darling, Radical Self Love month is just about to begin. I see no better time than to banish the use of FML.

It’s such an aggressive criticism of not only oneself, but also of the forces that helped deliver you to where you are today. A relationship might fail, a job may fall through but it’s all experience; it’s all happening to build you up for future challenges & to help you really appreciate the amazingness of big success. The job that comes together, the boy that stays when times are tough – would you appreciate them if you knew nothing other than success at all things?

You need the clouds to appreciate the sunshine. You don’t need to berate life for throwing you an appreciation test. Take what you can from every experience, keep your head held high & take pleasure in the little wins of everyday. Morning coffee, scoring the last blueberry & white choc muffin at your favourite cafe, getting your liquid eyeliner perfect, scoring an amazing bargain… It’s all there. Keep your eyes open to the beauty & there’ll be no need for letting an FML into your vocabulary.


Embrace messy hair


“Pretty” – Katie Makkai


via Gala Darling

If every girl watched this, the world would be a different place for women young & old. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll still be hard-pressed to find a bigger fashionista – but there’s a lesson or two in this for everyone.