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The evolution of words

Typewriter | Evolution of words | lizniland.com

I love words. And language. But while I’m paid to be a grammar nazi when necessary, on my own time I’m perfectly happy to end a sentence with a preposition (gasp!), start a sentence with a conjunction (the horror!) and make up a word or phrase if it’s what will suit my needs at the time.

The truth is, the evolution of words and language excites me. (#wordnerd, I know!)

The fact that I had to Google an acronym our niece put in a text message both excited and disappointed me: things are changing but at the ripe old age of 29-this-Saturday, I’m apparently out of the loop with what the kids are saying these days!

When I was getting towards the end of my school years, there was widespread panic that millennials would only be able to speak about their skateboarding significant other as a ‘sk8r boi’ and would forget that the personal pronoun in the second person is not spelt with the single ‘u’. Fear not, fear mongers; it simply didn’t happen. Just like trends come and go with fashion, so they do with words and language. For some reason, denim jeans have stood the test of time but one-shoulder boob-tubes are only ever one-off wonders.

While we’re freaking out over the boob-tubes of whether kids will try and write their school assignments in Textese, we seem to be overlooking whether they’re grasping the simple stuff. It’s not about how to write an essay or an extended narrative necessarily; it’s how to write a solid sentence. How a paragraph differs from a sentence. Why some words get a capital letter and others don’t. That ‘youse’ is not a word many people class as acceptable. Regardless of whether a child is going to be a builder, a maths professor, an engineer or an artist, they will always need the basics of language.

If social media has shown us one thing, it’s that plenty of people are still yet to discover that there is more than one way to spell ‘your’. And ‘there’.

Not everyone needs the ability to play with language or get excited about new trends in phrasing, but being able to put together a cover letter for a job application, write a considered email to a landlord when you know you’re getting a raw deal or simply to post something on Facebook that doesn’t get attacked by the grammar police are all important skills (some more than others, I know).

I came across this great video by Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty. If you fancy wordnerdin’ it up, she digs in to some examples of language’s denim jeans through the ages.

Bet you didn’t know eggs weren’t always called ‘eggs’!

x Liz

Finding your doppleganger

Finding your doppleganger | lizniland.com

Have you ever wanted to be a twin? Like a switch-places-and-no-one-will-know identical twin? Like a play-the-same-role-in-a-tv-show twin?

Well, even if biology didn’t allow it from birth, having your doppleganger could now be within your reach. The power of the interwebs is driving a group of friends ever closer to twindom. Twin Strangers has made headlines this week when a competitor met up with one of her twin-but-nots. Check it out:

According to the Twin Strangers website, there are 7 people in the world who look like you. Seven! Imagine! Who wants to just be a twin when you could be a septuplet?

For more doppleganger photos, there’s the I’m Not A Lookalike project and this fun Buzzfeed list. Of course there’s a Buzzfeed list.

Have you got a lookalike? Or have you been mistaken for someone random, a la the infamous case of Homer Simpson and Mr Sparkle?

I don’t think I’ve seen any of my 7 dopplegangers but my friend’s mum (hi Jules!) is convinced I’m a dead ringer for Hilary Swank. She’s not the only one to say that either. I’ve also been told I resemble Jennifer Garner, Keira Knightley and Julia Stiles. Does everyone get told they look like random celebs or is it just me?

I totally met a Julia Roberts lookalike the other night though.


x Liz

Photo note: Photo from Unsplash

Goal setting for the soul

My core desired feelings | lizniland.com

Goal setting has never been my jam. Don’t get me wrong, I love working towards targets; I just don’t like the all or nothing approach goal chasing seems to bring out in people. Giving up happiness now for the sake of a pie in the sky that might not even make up for the friends not seen, the kilometres not strolled, the brunches and brownie sandwiches not devoured, seems so risky to me. Call me an impatient, instant gratification-seeking Gen-Y but the number of times I change the direction of my dreams would put the wind to shame.

That said though, I’ve always tried – and mostly failed – to make goals work. When I noticed Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo, two of the wisest self-made modern businesswomen around, had made a video on goal setting, I decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did: welcome to “core desired feelings”, the perfectionist overachiever’s answer to traditional goals.

It’s a 20 minute video so save it for a quiet afternoon when you’ve got a little bit of time to focus on it.

I love the idea of matching your soul to your goals. Decide how you want to feel, then establish goals that align with making that happen – and then only keep striving for those goals, while ever they still feel right.

Core desired feelings go beyond goal setting though; as Danielle says in the video, they can and should be used to guide every decision you make. For example if “abundance” is one of your core desired feelings (it’s one of mine) you probably aren’t going to be dining on chicken nuggets with Ronald. There is enough time and resources available to prepare yourself a far more delicious, far more healthful meal.

If you feel that stomach-clenching uneasiness with a particular situation or notice yourself acting uncomfortably, check in with your core desired feelings. Are you aligned with what you want for yourself, with how you want to feel?

This level of mindfulness can sound like an overwhelming prospect but checking in with yourself regularly is worth it according to those in the know. I’m really trying to work on it.

After a few weeks of rumination, I’m aiming to live by:

  • Creation: not just to be ‘creative’ in my thoughts but to actively produce creative work, to participate in creation.
  • Abundance: there is enough, you are enough. Be generous & patient.
  • Intention: participate actively and whole-mindedly in all you do. The hardest one of all for me.

If you do the activity Danielle recommends, I’d love to hear what your core desired feelings are!

Are you a goals person? Or do you like this slightly more day-by-day approach?

x Liz

Photo note: Image from Death to the stock photo

Peptalk: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 rules of success

Arnie’s tips are for life both inside and outside the weights room. For all the controversy over the years, you gotta admit he’s been a very successful dude.

The most important rule of all: work your butt off.

Happy Monday!

x Liz

Tell a girl she can… & help her make it happen

So #fitspo is massive but we’re all still overweight, undernourished and hating life. Now, we all know the well-documented benefits regular exercise has (here’s a refresher: reduced risk of chronic disease & improved mental health) but how many people do you know who just don’t make sweat time a priority in their schedule? According to government stats, it’s actually more than half of your mates!

“Nearly 60% of Australians do not undertake sufficient levels of physical activity, and many of us (almost 80%) usually spend 3 or more hours sitting during our leisure time”.

The below video is part of Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign and, right now, you should definitely watch it (it’s like 90 seconds long), fall in love with it (not hard) and share it with all of your friends (I know you know how).

I know how incredibly intimidating a boxing class can be if you’re pooped after hiking the stairs to a meeting (believe me, I’ve been there). But, you should never compare the beginning of your fitness journey to where someone else is at. There’s a good chance half the people doing that class probably started exactly where you are now.

I think the whole #fitspo craze has made exercise too intimidating for everyday people. What you don’t see on Instagram are the amazing genetics, the 7 years of daily yoga/weightlifting/running training and the daily meals of steamed fish and broccoli – not to mention the angst over editing the photo sufficiently & picking an appropriate filter! That’s why I love this clip so much – it’s all real girls doing real sports. That’s what we all need more examples of.

If you’re already out there leading the exercise charge by example, why not lend a friend a hand & help them get outta that 60% that need to move more. Invite them to a just-for-fun dance class, encourage them to join you on a regular lunch-break walk or even just send them this clip because you love it.

Exercise for yourself & your health – not to be skinny or to slim down for that upcoming wedding/birthday/reunion. Do it for you. And don’t worry what you look like – the sweatier the better I reckon!


A friend drew my attention to these amazing clips by a dude named Mike Tompkins. He’s a music producer turned one-man disco & is making big waves on YouTube with his mouth-&-voice-only cover songs.





P.s. That Dynamite song is much more fun sung with this line:

Dynamite alternate lyrics

“Pretty” – Katie Makkai


via Gala Darling

If every girl watched this, the world would be a different place for women young & old. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll still be hard-pressed to find a bigger fashionista – but there’s a lesson or two in this for everyone.